The inevitable announcement of a hiatus

October 29, 2010

The more observant amongst you probably noticed a lack of new content here…apparently, I can’t bring myself to post about my “linux adventures anymore”. As far as I can see, there are three reasons for that.

The most important reason is that I’m just no longer in that place where I have to try and test everything. Used to be I tried every distribution there was, with every possible window manager. Somehow, it’s not as fun as it used to be, but also, I think I have tried them all, and there not much news under the sun. GNOME is gently pushing forward to 3..0, but it’s not here yet, KDE seems to have found it’s groove, XFCE is moving, but at glacial pace as always, and I’m really not sure if anything’s happening with the other window managers. It does feel like there nothing much left to try, at least for a while. I’ve used Linux Mint 9 for a long while, and recently installed Ubuntu 10.10 to try it out…I’m hugely impressed how good and easy this is, and I’m not tinkering with it at all. Even the wallpaper is one of the standard slideshows.

Secondly, Windows playing a bigger part in my life again. Not so much by choice, but I am using it at work and I’m trying to get an MS certificate, so I spend a lot of time in Windows 7. When I take a break studying, I play some Starcraft 2. My PC barely manages it in Windows, and it lags horribly in wine, so using linux there is out too.

And thirdly, I’m getting a bit tired of the open source community. In fact, I’m getting a bit tired of any vocal community on the net. There are so many whiners around, it’s unbelievable. Seems like half of the articles linked on tuxmachines explain why Ubuntu sucks, another quarter explains why everything else sucks too, and the final quarter just bitches that the year of the linux desktop will never come. The few comments my old posts here get are all in the same vein. Like I said, this isn’t restricted to this community…the net has indeed given everyone a voice, and sometimes I wonder if that’s a good thing 🙂

Anyway, this will be the last post for a while. If I suddenly start tinkering again, the results will be posted here. Peace out.