Dolphin in KDE 4.5

KDE 4.5 has been good to me so far, except the monstrosity that is Dolphin. I was already irked by the slowness and the crazy sorting behaviour, now it hangs 10 t 15 seconds when I try to do CPU-heavy tasks like no file manager was ever meant to do, oh, I don’t know, move a file. Or maybe copy one. Opening a directory. Stuff like that.

But in KDE it’s always been easy to switch file manager. Most people in this case would use Konqueror instead, but I don’t like that one either. Thunar is my application of choice here, but up until now the Oxygen theme and Thunar didn’t play along, resulting in horrible default folder icons.

Up until now:

Thunar in KDE

Thunar in KDE

So now I’m using a file manager which is lighter, (much) faster, and has an incredible batch renamer. The only thing I miss is using tabs, and Thunar will probably never support that.

But yay! Thunar!


9 Responses to Dolphin in KDE 4.5

  1. christoph says:

    Install DBus 1.3.x, and the hangs are gone.

  2. Aekold says:

    Wait… Thunar is not KDE-based, right? No way it will work in the same way as any other KDE file manager. Like drag-and-drop files between apps and other things like that. Try Krusader, maybe you’ll find it even more interesting?

  3. Texstar says:

    Is your motherboard a quad core?

  4. celettu says:


    Can’t say I’ve noticed anything like that. The file dialogs aren’t the same, of course, but that’s no different than using Pidgin or Firefox in KDE.


    It’s a dual core.

  5. Buster says:

    Dolphin functions fine in KDE4.5 on my quad-core Arch setup. If I need more advanced offerings, Krusader usually handles them. Dolphin is being actively developed, so I expect it to cover a lot more in the future.

  6. Texstar says:

    Thanks I was trying to see if there was a pattern as a few pclinuxos users who are having dolphin lags and crashes were using quad core systems.

    On another note got an email from a person who was having the crashes with the info panel enabled and said that updating to dbus 1.3.x fixed his issue.


  7. Corsairs says:

    I too have been experiencing Dolphin crashes on Mandriva 2010.1 x86_64 under KDE 4.5, temporarily using Konqueror until that is resolved. I think I read somewhere that it was a known problem and might be resolved in 4.5.1, but don’t quote me on that as I cant remember which site it was on

    This PC also happens to be a QuadCore 9600, first I have heard about the DBus upgrade resolving it, but looks like I am using 1.2.24

    Other than that everything works fine with the exception of Ktorrent 4.01. It also has been crashing, working around that with Transmission for the moment.

  8. Vinay V says:

    Have you tried PCManFM? I don’t really know how well it integrates with KDE, but it is very light weight and feature rich. It supports tabs too.

    I have XFCE on Sidux on one of the partitions and I always end up using PCManFM instead of Thunar. 🙂

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