Oh Windows 7, you tease

August 17, 2010

Anyone who has read this blog lately probably knows that I’m a bit dissatisfied with my Linux installs lately. Arch + GNOME boots much too slowly. Arch + XFCE ran fine until Banshee didn’t want to boot anymore. Arch + KDE…can’t remember at the moment. Some small niggling thing that bugged me disproportionally. In Ubuntu and Mint Banshee didn’t detect all of my music collection and Rhythmbox showed import errors. OpenSuse ran fine until I tried to upgrade it to KDE 4.5. After that it didn’t run at all.

There was always something. It irritated me so much I contemplated the impossible: switching back to Windows.

I have to use XP at work and I don’t like it at all, but it doesn’t bug me as much as it used to. I also follow a course in configuring Windows 7, and 7 is also installed on my girlfriend’s LT. I like it a lot. It’s beautiful, fast, and it works.
Then, I bought Starcraft 2, and instead of trying to play it in Wine I installed Windows 7 on a separate partition and used that. Needless to say, I absolutely love it, so another chance for Windows to shine.
Finally, my favourite Twitter client, Tweetdeck, refused to work in Arch, runs very slow in Ubuntu + derivates and runs just fine in Windows. Wasn’t it time for me to end this silly crusade and simply switch back to what’s easy?

Of course, then I noticed I couldn’t add the network printer, no matter what I tried. Not that I can try much, mind you. Endlessly clicking “Rescan” doesn’t need much intelligence, nor does it yield much results. The same problem was solved on my girlfriend’s LT. by installing the 130MB (!!) driver from HP, but it didn’t work on my PC.

And then my CD-DVD drive disappeared after a Windows Update, never to return. I Googled it, Troubleshooted it, Device Managered it, Registried it, and in the end, Shouted at it. Nothing works.

What was I thinking?