And there Amarok goes again…

Of course, after yesterday’s post, I notice that Amarok doesn’t load half of my music when it starts. Only a complete rescan of my music folder solves the problem.

Funny, it always “deletes” the same music… . Anyway, back to square one.



2 Responses to And there Amarok goes again…

  1. Guilherme de Sousa says:

    San, why don’t you give mpd a try? mpd+sonata its awesome :D! it indexes all your music so you can search it really really fast.. it sorts it for genres, artists etc, too. oh, and it resumes music on boot.

    try it;)


  2. Jorge says:

    Probably Amarok has better taste than yours and deletes all your Hanson and Britney rips.

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