Linux on the desktop: it’s so good it’s boring

December 22, 2009

I believe that at this point there no use anymore in asking the question “Is Linux ready for the desktop?”. It is, and it works so well it’s boring.

Mind you, I didn’t say Linux does all the stuff Windows or OS X does, or that it’s the best choice for everyone. It’s just that there are pros and contras to any operating system, and those of the best Linux distributions aren’t better or worse than those of its competitors.

But god, it’s boring. I don’t spend hours anymore trying to fix a problem, like getting a webcam to work or trying to figure out why there’s no sound. I have found my distribution of choice (Arch), and nothing else really comes close. I’m perfectly happy with KDE at the moment, so that means endlessly tinkering with the look and feel of Openbox is out too. In fact, the most interesting “new” application I use is Yakuake. It’s very useful, but not exciting no matter how you look at it.

I don’t even spend that much time in front of the computer anymore. I browse a bit, play Starcraft using wine, which needless to say works mind-numbingly well, and read comic books.

So, Linux on the desktop: it’s there!

Now what?


The Black Screen of Death

December 1, 2009

I hate to point and laugh, but…

From the article:

Microsoft has confirmed that it is investigating a problem described as the “black screen of death”, which affects its latest operating system.

The problem has different causes, appears in every Win OS since 2000, might be caused by a security update two weeks ago, and might be fixed by another patch now…

I like Windows 7. It’s better than XP. But it’s still Windows.