Where is the love?

I’ve been holding this in for a couple of weeks, but now I feel like I’m ready to burst: I’ve been incredibly annoyed at all the negativity I see on linux message boards lately. No matter if it’s the Ubuntu trash talking everywhere, the idiotic criticism of Distrowatch’s review of OpenSuse, the vitriol filled comment section on Steven J. Vaughan-Nichol’s blog…seems like some people don’t have anything to do all day execpt trolling the internet.

I realise of course all to well that this behaviour isn’t limited to Linux related websites. I see it in the comments on the website of a local newspaper, the BBC website, comicbook message boards…but that doesn’t mean it’s any less annoying.

I guess the fact that you can remain anonymous on the internet makes it the perfect place for all the hate, bias, bickering and and small-mindedness I see everywhere. I can do nothing else but conclude that people in general are idiots.

Unless of course there really is a large group of intelligent, tolerant internet users who think it’s not worth the trouble to feed the trolls… One can only hope.



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