Asus EEE 900 and Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Although Tinkerbell was running fine with Arch and Openbox installed, after the install of the file server, there were some problems. For some reason, I couldn’t get samba to start, and I wasn’t looking forward to configuring cups on it.

So, just as with the file server, I took the easy way out and installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix on it. I must say, I don’t regret it. The boot is as fast as before, with the added benefit of it looking a bit better. Gnome of course is a bit slower than Openbox, but it still performs surprisingly well. Just as beforem, RAM stays below 200 MB with Firefox open. CPU usage is a bit higher in that case, around 20%. Also, while the layout leaves a little less screen estate for applications, I really love the netbook launcher, and the way applications maximise with the window bar toccupying part of the top panel.

Furthermore, and this is pretty much a given, installation and confguration was much easier and faster. I left the theme as is, deleted some of the gnome bookmarks I never use anyway, installed Comix, rearranged the “Favourites” tab, and that was it. Network surging was easy. Power management was already setup, something I hadn’t configured in Arch, which meant Tinkerbell dropped dead every time she ran out of battery life. Network connection came to life automatically when opening the lid. Little pleasures, and I could have figured them out in Arch, but I have a new-born in the house who eats all my time 😉 Things have to be fast and easy these days.

One final note: I’d have loved to try out Moblin on this little thing, but apparently the eee900 isn’t supported. It’s a shame…the interface looks really interesting.

Tinkerbell and UNR

Tinkerbell and UNR



6 Responses to Asus EEE 900 and Ubuntu Netbook Remix

  1. Jarko says:

    Have you taken a look in the new version of UNR? It comes with Karmic currently and I have to say it looks much more modern than the current version of UNR. here is a little older preview of the launcher if you want to take a look.

  2. Mesanna says:

    That’s too bad about Moblin. Didn’t realise the 900 had a Celeron. I’ve been trying out Masonux lately ( and it’s pretty fast but I think when Lubuntu is officially released I’ll go with that.

    @Jarko, that’s a really nice improvement to the look of UNR. I’d read about the release of the KDE netbook remix, but personally I’d rather go for something leaner and faster. I imagine KDE might be a bit of resource hog on a netbook though maybe they’ve tweaked it?

  3. bigbloke says:


    I currently run Jaunty NR on my eee900 (+runcore +2GB RAM) and tried the live cd of karmic

    Although the wireless “appears” to work , in reality it doesnt – zero throughput and locks up.

    Ive tried every cure out there, and the only one that really managed to get me back on line with wifi was to regress the kernel to 😦

    maybe time for a different atheros wifi card …but which one ??



  4. Martin says:

    I tried Moblin a few weeks ago… I didn’t like it. Though it’s speedy and slick, it makes a netbook just that… a NETbook, with little more features than web browsing and word processing. A netbook is still a complete computer system, so I prefer to take advantage of that (and the fact that my netbook is the most powerful machine I own 🙂

    Great blog, by the way.

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