Setting up a small file/printserver

Now that Jen has her new laptop, and I have a netbook, I finally came to the conclusion it might be a good idea to put my music collection on a file server. Another good idea would be to make sure that Jen doesn’t have to go to my desk and connect the printer to her laptop every time she wants to print something.

In theory, Arch would be ideal for this. In practice, I was tired, I couldn’t figure out the right Samba settings, and the server had to double as a desktop for my son anyway, so I slapped Ubuntu on it, right-clicked the map I wanted to be shared, made a small (suggested) change to /etc.smb.conf, plugged in the printer, noticed it was shared automatically, and finally made it boot into console by default.

It’s the easy way out of course, but I like easy, and it works.



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