Amarok on the right track

I’ve blogged about my dislike of Amarok 2 before, but I’ll recapitulate the main points: cluttered layout, playlist editing is too complicated, importing playlists far too difficult…

Seems like they listened to me (yeah right 😉 ). In any case, The changelog of Amarok 2.2 “Chrystal Clear” looks very good. Maybe it’s time for another go.

Now if I could only figure out how to get the window in “mini-mode” like in this rather fabulous screenshot



3 Responses to Amarok on the right track

  1. Mihir Patel says:


    Thanks for sharing about amarok….Keep share information like this…….


  2. Matt says:

    It looks like they just closed the 3 panels (browsers, playlist, context). I can’t work out how they got rid of the status bar though.

  3. Thomas M says:

    The volume wheel in the screenshot is very nice.
    Anyway – I’m getting more and more used to my ampache and the webinterface 🙂

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