Vista has entered the building

…and I hope it’ll leave as soon as possible. Jen’s new Dell Inspiron came pre-installed with it, and I detest it. Not only does Dell think it’s a good idea a desktop is littered with crap (taskbar, dock, moving pictures, clock, hideous wallpaper…), not only did McAffee demanded to be registered in a way I could only close it via the taskbar, not only did the bloody thing immediately need 27 updates, 3 reboots, and then some more updates, not only does it asks for an approval up to three times for the same task (install Firefox), it actually manages to be much slower than Tinkerbell, the Asus EEE900 I bought recently. Okay, it’s not a top of the line machine, but it has twice the processors and four times the RAM of the netbook, ergo, it should perform faster.

So tomorrow that Vista abomination will be replaced by a Arch + XFCE and Windows 7 dual boot.



3 Responses to Vista has entered the building

  1. Guilherme de Sousa says:

    Kill that bastard! (6) LOOL

  2. […] up a small file/printserver Now that Jen has her new laptop, and I have a netbook, I finally came to the conclusion it might be a good idea to put my music […]

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