Why I’m still an amateur

I usually don’t bother with installing a printer. I have one, but I rarely use it. Jen however needed to print something, her Windows Dell is broken (another story), so I installed cups and the HP drivers, and connected the printer. I tried to add it via the webinterface, but it wasn’t found.

I modprobed the right module. Nothing. I rebooted, although I knew it wasn’t necessary. Nothing. I reinstalled the drivers, but of course, nothing happened. I muttered a bit, when Jen passed and asked if I had checked the cables.

“Well, of course I did, I just plugged it in, and at the back of the printer it’s…oh. Thanks. And I’m an idiot.”

Printer was up and running a minute later…



3 Responses to Why I’m still an amateur

  1. susan says:


    We’ve all done something like that.

  2. Guilherme de Sousa says:

    soooo tipicall ahah xD

  3. sockets says:

    I have this problem a lot. I spend ages wondering why my sound isn’t working before realising 20 mins later that my speakers are switched off 😛

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