I got suckered into Windows support

Well, suckered in…It’s my job these days. But I like to leave my job when I’m at home. Unfortunately, I couldn’t yesterday. I’ve been playing Heroes of Newerth lately, and one of the people I sent a beta key to is my sister in law, who couldn’t connect to the game server. Neither could The Sims. Or Everest Poker. I grumbled a bit about Windows, asked her if she had a firewall installed (she hadn’t, because she had removed ZoneAlarm…too many annoying popups). She also claimed that she had to use a special tool to remove it and that there were processes running she couldn’t stop, and that she knew where the .exe files were but she couldn’t delete those directories either. She didn’t have the rights or there were in use or whatever.


“Boot into safe mode…no, just google it, I can’t be bothered, and then delete them. Yes, it’ll work.”

It did, and so I was forced into something I vowed not to do anymore. On the upside, she’ll be able to play HoN tonight. I’ll kill her a few times to make me feel better.


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