CrunchBang + Openbox screenshots: July

I created the red desktop in my CrunchBang review as a bit of a joke, but I’m incredibly pleased about how it turned out, and more than a little proud of the Shiki-Wine theme I ported to Openbox. The OSD gave me some problems, but the Openbox help page came to my rescue there. I added my favourite conky bar and the calendar, adjusted the GTK-theme a bit to make the tray icon background transparent, made some final changes to the meny and replaced lxpanel by bmpanel using the carbon theme, and trayer in the upper right corner.

CrunchBang: clean

CrunchBang: clean

CrunchBang: busy

CrunchBang: busy

I’ll be using CrunchBang for a while…it’ll give me something to fall back on while I finally upgrade that Arch installation to ext4.


4 Responses to CrunchBang + Openbox screenshots: July

  1. Randy says:

    That looks really great!

  2. celettu says:

    Thank you 🙂

  3. sockets says:

    Can you put up the Openbox theme for download? I’ve been looking for a Shiki-wine theme all over.

  4. Akhwand says:

    Could you tell me exactly how to replace the lxpanel in LXDE with a BMPanel?

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