When you use Ubuntu, stick to the defaults

After a few days, it became apparent my Ubuntu + Openbox experiment wasn’t as succesful as I had hoped. There were some nagging issues with it which prevent me from using it full time.

  • Sound muted after boot: a weird one, since it didn’t show up when I used GNOME. After a bit of searching I learned that, instead of the sound being muted after boot, it became muted as soon as I launced any application that made a sound. After that, I had to unmute the Front channel, and everything would be well until the next reboot. I fiddled around with sound settings and alsa for a while, but in the end I simply uninstalled PulseAudio, which got rid of the problem. As a sidenote, why do I need PulseAudio again? I didn’t seem to lose any functionality. Sound still worked…as a matter of fact, it worked better than before.
  • Another sound-related problem: I couldn’t get rid of the sound theme while Openbox. Both gnome-sound-properties as gconf showed me that the Ubuntu sound theme was disabled, but I was still hearing drums everywhere. Minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless.
  • The flashplugin had some issues (I can’t play Zynga Texas Hold’Em poker in Facebook). This isn’t Ubuntu specific: I have the same problem in Arch but I work around it by using Midori. In Ubuntu however, Midori doesn’t even want to load Facebook…probably because it’s an older version. I tried Opera, Kazehakase and Epiphany but that didn’t work. Very minor annoyance, and not Ubuntu’s fault at all, but I need to play poker!

Which proves that Ubuntu’s a very polished distribution as long as you stick to the defaults. For example, when googling the second issue I found that some users of Mythbuntu and Xubuntu were also affected. It seems like Ubuntu is a very versatile OS, with its *buntu variants, but actually only Ubuntu itself rises above the rest. Ovbviously, when I try to create my own “Openboxbuntu”, a lot of what makes Ubuntu good disappears.

That being said, I’ll try to install a real Ubuntu with Openbox next: Crunchbang Linux. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.



4 Responses to When you use Ubuntu, stick to the defaults

  1. semko says:

    “Ovbviously, when I try to create my own “Openboxbuntu”, a lot of what makes Ubuntu good disappears.”

    I fully agree with this. If you want the “feel” of Ubuntu as a properly functioning OS, then don’t do to much, you’ll lose that “feeling”.

    As of the sound problems I had the same ones.

    Now for Crunchbang Linux, I hope you’ll find it pleasant to work with as I did.

  2. Jorge says:

    I found Crunchbang to be pretty good. Never went Crunch! or Bang! on me on 3 different machines I tested. The 8.04 version was very sparse, but light and responsive, with a good selection of programs as standards. The one thing I didnt like about 8.10 was the removal VLC, easily changed as it was.

  3. Jiri says:

    You can use the development version of midori. It is stable enough for me 🙂


    and follow the instructions there.

  4. keith says:

    facebook poker put me through allot of distro hopping.i need my poker as well.seems like facebook does not like linux even a little bit.i run pclinuxos 9 at present i found it the best so far along with mint.if you want to play zingas poker you can with antix m8.i wont install it but rather play it from the live cd.dillo sucks but iceweasel is great and for some reason the facebook poker works flawlessly…if you find out why fill me in ..and dont boot windows!!!

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