Fedora 11: A genuine WTH moment

I mentioned I wouldn’t install Fedora 11, and since I’m a man of my word, of steady character and true to myself, I downloaded the netinstall CD, which made it possible to install it on an ext3 partition. I was planning to install GNOME, but during install I noticed one of the possibilities was LXDE. Since Openbox is my favourite window manager, and LXDE is a project I’m actively involved in (albeit as a mere translator), I decided to go for that. Install took some time but went fine, and afterwards I rebooted straight into…KDE? WTH?

I assumed I had made an error during install, something that seemed to be confirmed when I logged out of KDE and saw LXDE as one of the session possibilities. I started LXDE, noticed that everything looked fantastic, and tried to remove KDE. There’s a GUI for this, so I just unchecked everything KDE related and hit OK. The mistake here was not really paying attention to the list of dependencies that would be uninstalled too, which included everything from Totem to Firefox, from Brasero to Rhythmbox, and from gvfs to Empathy. I reinstalled everything as well as I could. Here’s a screenshot:

Fedora 11 weirdness

Fedora 11 weirdness

Well, no! Of course that’s not OK! Of course, I did not install Fedora the usual way, but if Firefox is dependent on the KDE libs, wouldn’t I have the same problem in GNOME? Can somebody help me out here?



4 Responses to Fedora 11: A genuine WTH moment

  1. Rahul Sundaram says:

    Something seems very odd. I know for a fact that xulrunner doesn’t have a dependency on kdelibs of course. Please file a bug report


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  4. Keep working, very though provoking!

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