Arch + Openbox screenshots: June

Now that the whole Qt vs GTK thing is behind me, I can go back to posting fluff, like screenshots. Since February, I kept the basic layout: BMpanel with the Arch theme at the bottom, conky and trayer at the top, and a conky calendar bottom right. It’s a simple layout that doesn’t need desklets or plasmoids to provide me with the information I want, like network traffic, song playing and a gmail checker.

I have changed the background to the one I also used in KDE, and figured Clearlooks (Openbox and GTK theme), and GNOME-brave (from GNOME-colors) go very well with that. It’s of course a very “standard” look, but again, it’s clean, simple, and consistent. It’s not minimalist, but I found I don’t really want mimimalism at the moment. Next month, who knows.







One Response to Arch + Openbox screenshots: June

  1. nortexoid says:

    Consider Global Menu. Saves space, looks better, more consistent (unless you run non-GTK apps often).

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