Qt vs. GTK: VLC and KMPlayer

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that, at least in my opinion, KDE is losing out to GNOME because there simply aren’t as many Qt applications as GTK ones. Competition breeds quality, and as a result, I find Qt applications in general to be inferior.

Of course, I can’t just say that and not back it up. In fact, I’m not even sure if I’m right! Because I’m using KDE 4.2 at the moment, I thought this would be an ideal time to really test some Qt and GTK applications extensively. In all cases, I tried to use Qt applications first, and only installed the GTK alternative if it either showed bugs, crashed, or simply irritated me to the point of madness after several days.

This is the third in a series of articles comparing different kind of applications. The first one handled chat-clients, the second browsers, and this one will be about media players. It will be the shortest so far, simply because I succeeded for the first time in finding a choice of Qt applications that are on par with their GTK counterparts.

The first one I tried was VLC, which isn’t only open source but also provides Windows and Mac OS X binaries. It looks good, it has a loooong list of features, but I couldn’t figure out how to make the Firefox plugin work (apparently there is one). No harm done, since Mplayer does the same things VLC does and has a well-tested browser-plugin. The good thing about Mplayer is that it does all the heavy duty work but leaves the visual thrills and frills to third-party clients, and there are a lot of those, both GTK and Qt. I first tested KMPlayer, which was reasonably lightweight, played the files I threw at it, and came with a list of radio stations all over the world, including Belgium. It’s one of the first things I usually add to a media player’s bookmarks, so I was glad KMPlayer saved me the trouble.

There are other alternatives, like Smplayer and Kaffeine but KMPlayer was a smaller install. In any case, there are enough alternatives of high quality, which means I didn’t need to install any GTK-alternatives, and that’s a first.



10 Responses to Qt vs. GTK: VLC and KMPlayer

  1. v00d00 says:

    Well, the old VLC was written in Wxwidgets, not gtk, and the new VLC is written in QT4.

    Most Gtk multimedia apps use the gstreamer framework which is a fail imho.

  2. makkay says:


    there is gnome-mplayer which is a gtk frontend of mplayer, it’s not the best frontend but it’s my favorite movie player in linux since it’s gtk and i use gnome. totem, which is the default player in gnome, has both a gstreamer and xine backends.

    and why gstreamer framework is a fail? it has some advantages over xine and mplayer

  3. lefty.crupps says:

    This is an interesting series, as I much prefer KDE apps (which have -gasp- options!) over GTk apps.

    Regardless, I don’t know if the Web Browser one was a very fair comparison, since Firefox is pretty much the heavyweight on any platform. Just install “Konquefox” addon and “KDE4+Firefox3” theme to make Firefox fit in a bit better with KDE and life is good…

    …life is good, except for the horrific Firefox file browser, which is only slightly worse than any GNOME file browser.

  4. John says:

    @ left.crupps:
    Or use Opera, which is built on QT 😉

  5. sts301 says:

    Hi again

    I enjoy reading your Qt vs. GTK articles, because they animate me to think about your text and write my mind.

    It is nice that you began to write a serie of “Qt vs. GTK” after your article to figure out with the messangers which is better.

    But I have to say, I really like Firefox, but the thing I hate on Firefox is the GTK GUI, it is with KDE quite nasty.
    Konqueror is a nice thing, but it doens’t have the addons FF has. The filemanager is nice, but I use Dolphin and I am just happy with it.

    The other browsers it didn’t try, except Opera (which has a really nice GUI) which is really nice, but I miss the addons.

    It would also be a nice article about developing and coding with the two Frameworks.


  6. sts301 says:

    edit: sry I posted my reply on the wrong article, however I think MPlayer is the base of nearly all other players (except VLC, which is under Windows a nice thing, but unter Linux with KDE I don’t like it as good) like SMPlayer, KMPLayer and so on. Totem would also be a nice program to show up.


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  10. PR článek says:

    PR článek…

    […]Qt vs. GTK: VLC and KMPlayer « Celettu’s Weblog[…]…

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