Contributing to Open Source

…is not that easy if you’re not a developer. I have taken some programming courses in school, but I don’t think my entirely forgotten TurboPascal knowledge or my leet and non-existent COBOL skills are going to help me much when I’m fed up with the choice of software out there and want to create my own file manager/music manager/browser/OS. Shame.

But my English is pretty good, and when I installed Debian and LXDE, and noticed that the DUtch translation was lacking somewhat, I decided to sink my teeth into that. I’ve been quite busy the last couple of days, but the translation should be complete. Fellow Dutch speaking citizens, flock to LXDE!

I still wish I could code though…



2 Responses to Contributing to Open Source

  1. Goofy says:

    I just tried to install this on my Arch Linux a few days ago! (Since Awesome keeps breaking after intalling the new major version… And I had it just like I wanted =( ) Maybe this can act as a motivation to really get it to work, after the problems I experienced in the process.

    Keep up the good work! Even if it’s not really coding. It’s not merely raw code that does the trick… 🙂

  2. Rednax says:

    a dutch translation for lxde, I’ll try it sometime after i get wcid working on my arch installation

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