Wine, OpenGL direct rendering, and compositing

I mentioned problems running Warcraft 3 under wine yesterday, but I was convinced that it should be possible.

Of course, I couldn’t just let things go.

After some browsing around, and googling, and generally driving Jen nuts, I became convinced the problem was connected to direct rendering. I had done “glxinfo | grep render” before, but glanced over the result after I saw “direct rendering: yes”.
This time however: I noticed this: “OpenGL renderer string: Software Rasterizer “. No wonder everything was so slow: hardware rendering was turned off.

As usual, once you find the problem, the solution is found immediately afterwards. This forum post took care of the slowness, but warcraft kept crashing X when it was not run in windowed mode. It only happened in KDE though, not in Openbox (which I installed specifically to test these kind of issues). The solution was easy: I simply turned off compositing in KDE. After that, the game ran flawlessly.

I also checked if it was possible to play Heroes of Might and Magic 3 in wine (it was), and then I added some launchers to her desktop, which now looks like this:

Jen's pretty KDE desktop

Jen's pretty KDE desktop

I haven’t changed the default plasma theme, or the default looks in general, because quite frankly, she wouldn’t even notice. The launchers are little plasmoids, and I’m actually rather proud of the first one because it points to a very simple script that changed the directory to the one where the Heroes executable is stored, otherwise it complained about missing files.

And I added the moon phase plasmoid, because she’s a woman. Moon phases are special to them.



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