The ongoing adventures of Jen on Linux

Let’s start with a failure: I haven’t been able to get Warcraft 3 running on her laptop. At first, the problem was that the NTFS partition with the Warcraft directory wasn’t mounted with ntfs-3g, so I corrected that. Then, I forgot to rename the Movies directory (Warcraft 3 movies don’t play in wine), so I fixed that. Then, apparently, there were some sound issues. In any case, as soon as I started the game, X restarted. With some fiddling in winecgf, I managed to start the game in windowed mode, at the speed of, well, whatever’s the opposite of lightning. Even moving the mouse around the menu didn’t work…the cursor remained where it was, then moved a couple of inches, then remined fixed again. A test with Heroes 3 also crashed X.

I have no idea why this is. I can safely rule out any problems with Arch, or wine, since I use the same versions on my PC, which work just fine. The only difference is that my desktop has a nvidia 8600GT videocard, and her laptop has an integrated intel i915 chip.

It’s frustrating, and googling it didn’t yield much result. Maybe the intel drivers simply aren’t good enough, but somehow I don’t think that’s it. Maybe I should look into the wine configuration some more, but I have no idea what to change exactly. Both games run just fine in Windows, so at least the hardware is capable enough.

I hate it when I can’t solve a problem.



3 Responses to The ongoing adventures of Jen on Linux

  1. SoftVision says:

    Try downgrading to these Xorg 1.4 packages:

    From the testing experiences I’ve read, the new version of xorg has intel performance improvements but its a little bit unstable and needs tinkering with EXA, XAA and UXA to get the right balance.

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  3. crumja says:

    Mesa is not optimized for performance yet. No OSS driver can handle war3 under wine.

    Try again in 6-10 months after Gallium3d is mature for the Intel driver.

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