Wireless issue due to an underpowered USB port

One if the issues I had with PCLinuxOS 2009.1 was that the wireless connection simply stopped working whenever I wanted to download a file or a torrent. Turns out that had nothing to do with PCLinuxOS, since today it also happened in Arch. After a bit of searching around in my system and the net, I concluded that my PC simply thought the USB dongle was unplugged. This happened even more when I plugged in my USB stick underneath the USB dongle, and that’s when bells started ringing.

Apparently, my PC just can’t provide my front USB ports with enough power to keep them running properly, at least not when I start downloading, for example, Linux distributions at high speed. The solution was rather simple: I plugged the wireless USB dongle into one of the USB ports at the back. Problem solved.

I’m just glad this wasn’t a case of sub-standard drivers. I’m having a hard enough time as it is to convince people Linux is a great desktop OS.



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