I know, I know…it’s been ages. But the move is finally over, and since the 12th of this month we have an internet connection. A computer without internet isn’t much use for anything, so the past three to four months I’ve mainly been gaming under windows XP, listening to music and reading comics in Linux Mint (because it comes with the needed codecs), and having a look at Windows 7 Beta (which I liked a lot, but didn’t play nice with my USB stick – unmounting didn’t work).

So while there are still a few issues with the network setup (lay cable, drill holes, wireless yes/no), I finally can connect my PC to the net again…and the first thing I did was deleting Linux Mint and installing Arch. It felt like coming home 🙂

My plan is to install KDEmod and openbox, KDE because 4.2 finally looks usable, and Openbox because it’s just so damn fast (and cool. Don’t forget cool).

So, this blog should be revived. Good times. Good times.



2 Responses to Finally

  1. anonymous says:

    You will love kde 4.2 😉

  2. […] is az Arch Linuxal, sorra tesztelgeti a disztrókat (Arch, PCLinuxOS, Xubuntu, Debian). Februárba ezt írta: “Végre újra csatlakoztathatom a PC-met a netre… és az első dolgom az volt, hogy […]

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