Intrepid Arch?

As you may guess from my previous post, I like the default wallpaper of the upcoming Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) quite a bit. I was partial to the new DarkRoom theme too, so today I tried to implement them into my Arch + Openbox setup.

Now, changing the wallpaper was easy enough. Now, upon login, my desktop looks like this:

Intrepid Arch Ibex

Intrepid Arch Ibex

Using the DarkRoom theme proved to be a bit more difficult though. As it turns out, the Ubuntu Human themes use the Murrine theme engine, but not the stable one (which dates from 2007). The latest svn version is available in the AUR, but I still needed to edit the Darkroom gtkrc file before I got results. Also, the Firefox integration isn’t 100% (some of the text is hard to read), but it’s close enough:

Intrepid Arch in a DarkRoom

Intrepid Arch in a DarkRoom

It’s just toying around really, but I still like the results.



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