What’s in a name: Windows 7

I don’t like Vista, but I don’t like Windows in general, so that’s nothing new. What is new is that the general public seems to agree. If I browse the web and disregard the more extreme opinions (“Vista sucks!” “No, Vista rules!” “No, Vista made my PC explode!” “No, Vista hooked me up with a beautiful girl!”), the prevalent opinion of Vista seems to be that it’s a) pretty, b) slow on hardware where XP was blazing fast and c) not different enough from XP anyway to make the upgrade worth it.

Reputation counts for a lot, and I guess that’s why Microsoft seems to concentrate on Vista’s successor, which has been officially named Windows 7.

And of course, since this concerns Windows, and this is teh intarweb, people are up in arms about it. The reason? This isn’t the seventh release of Windows, no matter how you look at it. If you count each and every release, it’s the tenth. If you group some of them together logically, it’s the sixth. Of course, the fact that Microsoft decided to ship the Windows 7 code as version 6.1 doesn’t exactly help either. To clear things up, a post explaining why they named it Windows 7 has appeared on the Vista Blog. As far as I can see it boils down to “We named the code 6.1 for compability reasons, and the actual release Windows 7 for PR reasons”. Judging by the comments, it’s doesn’t actually clear things up much. It’s gobbledegook at best, and stupid at worst.

But that’s fine by me. The only reason why a name matters is precisely because of PR reasons, and PR is always gobbledegook. Why not call it Windows 7? It has a nice ring to it, 7 is a lucky number, and it’s about a million times better than “Vista” or “XP”, which are meaningless to me.
Of course, to me the name doesn’t matter. They could call it Windows Shizzle mah Nizzle as far as I’m concerned. I just hope it’s decent. I’m not a Linux zealot, I just think it’s the best OS today, at least for me. I like the cost, the speed, the security, the versatility, the open source philosophy, and the community. That doesn’t stop me from being curious about OS X or Vista. Or Windows 7.

I’m pretty sure the guys at Microsoft have what it take to make a good OS. As far as I’m concerned, they haven’t yet, but I remain hopeful.



2 Responses to What’s in a name: Windows 7

  1. rpj8 says:

    Windows Shizzle mah Nizzle? Wasn’t that the one that came right after Windows WHY-Okay? That’s a Lil’ John reference, by the way.

    I agree with that bit of opinion as far as naming conventions go. It’s silly to use a misleading name for your product. If that’s PR, then that’s the worst kind. I don’t think we should hit too hard on Microsoft, though. After all, there have been worse naming conventions in the past.

  2. Josefina says:

    Everyone loves what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and coverage! Keep up the great works guys I’ve added you guys to my own blogroll.

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