Distributions I’m looking forward to

I’m back. Since I’ve spent a week outside visiting castles, ruins, museums and bookshops, there isn’t much I can write about…I haven’t tinkered, not even a single little tink. But I am looking forward to the upcoming releases of some distributions, some of them old favourites, some of them I’ve never installed before.

Debian 5.0

I have never installed Debian before, which seems crazy even to me. I think my reasoning was “Well, I’ve installed Ubuntu, and Ubuntu is Debian, right? Right? Hello? Anyone?”
Anyway, since I’ve installed almost any well-known Debian derivate, except the all-father itself, that’s what I’ll do when it comes out. That should be this month.

Mandriva 2009

Mandriva has been a favourite of mine. As a everything-and-the-kitchen-sink, I thought it came very close to Ubuntu. That’s why I tried a few betas of the next release, and to my surprise I didn’t like them at all. Installing software proved to be impossible, and using the nvidia driver didn’t work either. I hope these issues won’t show up for me in the final release. It’s scheduled to show up on the servers early next month.

Ubuntu 8.10

This one’s a given. As I mentioned before, I think Ubuntu does the best job in providing an OS for the “normal” PC user. By that I mean someone who doesn’t want to know about computers, and instead just use them. Unlike previous releases, I haven’t tried a single alpha. If any of the betas have the final new artwork, I probably will install that. Ubuntu will hit the download mirrors somewhere in the final week of October.

Sidux 2008-04

Another one I haven’t tried yet, but a distribution that seems to have a very loyal fanbase, at least judging from the comments on various newsboards. On the surface, it doesn’t have any special feature that really grabs my attention, but it’s said to be fast and stable. We’ll see. Like Ubuntu and Mandriva, it should appear somewhere next month.

Fedora 10

Fedora Core 1 was one of the first Linux distributions I ever installed (and messed up completely). Since then, I switched to other distributions, vor various reasons. One is the love of Fedora for bleeding edge software…I like a bit of stability on my PC. Another is the fact that it’s RPM based, which to me has always been slower than pacman or apt. But since it’s been a while since I tried Fedora, I’ll probably give it a go when it comes out, which should be November 18th.

PCLinuxOS 2008

Ah, the distribution that is slowly becoming legendary by not appearing. In the last month, I’ve noticed quite a lot of grumbles about the delay, which is a change of pace for the once fan-favourite number one of the Distrowatch rankings. Of course, PCLinuxOS is supposed to be a rolling release OS, but downloading a 600+ MB ISO, and having to download an additional 600 just for updates isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea. Apparently, it’s “very close to release”, but it has been very close to release for a while now. Fingers crossed.

And last but not least:

TinyMe 2008.1

Interesting, because it’s based on PCLinuxOS 2008 (or 2008.1?), which doesn’t exist, and even more interesting because it offers LXDE, which is Openbox made easy. There aren’t many distros that offer Openbox as the default WM, because, let’s face it, Openbox is for geeks 😉 LXDE tries to make it a bit easier while maintaining the obvious Openbox advantages of simplicity, configurability and speed. I’m curious to see how TinyMe holds up against my own Arch + Openbox configuration (which I think is absolutely perfect for me, but did take some time to get right).
The first alpha release of TinyMe has just appeared, so I guess the final release is still some time away.

In any case, I have some busy months ahead of me 🙂



13 Responses to Distributions I’m looking forward to

  1. vm says:

    mandriva ‘close’ to ubuntu ? That is not really a compliment – mandriva is way better than ubuntu in almost every sense- performance, compatibility with RPMs, functionality and configurability.

  2. sexy sofie says:

    mandriva has been rock solid for me. it was my first distro 3 years ago and i’ve stayed with it. however, this kde4 crap breaks my heart. mandriva is gonna default to kde4 and i’m gonna look for another distro. i’m sorry, i don’t like kde4 and it shouldn’t be forced on users.
    this might be a blessing in disguise for me as i will probably look closely at slackware, gentoo, arch, or sidux. it’s about time i learn more about GNU/Linux. seeya mandriva/kde4 wouldn’t wanna beya.

  3. Rick says:

    PCLinuxOS 2008 will be out when it is done. I’d bet the grumbling is because the PCLOS releases are so good, people want the “newest version”. BTW, MiniMe 2008 IS out. I am using it right now.

    You might want to check Distrowatch. PCLOS is almost always in the top 5. That’s not too shabby considering the “marketing” for it is almost all by word of mouth. PCLOS is complete. It is stable. It is user friendly. Why the media is falling all over Ubuntu and not PCLOS (no offense to Ubuntu lovers) is beyond me.

  4. celettu says:


    I’m always careful in wording my opinions about distributions…me thinking Mandriva comes second to Ubuntu is a personal opinion. Performance-wise, to me they’re pretty much the same. “Functionality” is too broad a term…I can’t see why Mandriva would be more functional than Ubuntu. Considering compability with RPMs…since Mandriva is RPM based and Ubuntu isn’t, that’s hardly a surprise.

    sexy sofie:

    To each his own 🙂 I can see why distributions drop kde3 in favour of kde4….after all, it’s more modern, and that’s what most users want.


    I didn’t say that PcLinuxOs isn’t any good. I’m saying the 2008 release isn’t out yet, which is 100% true. The fact that I included it in the list shows that it’s a release I’m looking forward too,

  5. Jeimisbondis says:

    Try GoblinX, Zenwalk, Vector, Slax;;; Try Slackware based distros…

  6. celettu says:


    I have tried GoblinX, and found it aesthetically brilliant but not much else, and not remarkable enough for a review. Zenwalk has been discussed before (https://celettu.wordpress.com/2008/08/12/zenwalk-52-gnome-edition-beta/). Vector has been my main OS for over a year, but these days you have to pay for the SOHO edition, while Slax is mainly a LiveCD.

    Furthermore, Slackware lacks decent package management in my opinion. I have used it, but I prefer Arch.

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  8. nongeekboy says:

    What about Mepis? It has a very good hardware support. I would really like to see what do you think about it (when you will have time for it).

  9. celettu says:


    I’ll check out the next release. I have installed it a couple of times in the past, but it has been quiet on the Mepis front. It kind of slipped out of my attention.

  10. LinuxCanuck says:

    I like the approach which is to be as broad as possible. Linux is too good to stick to just one distro. Try a different one now and again. This week I am using Fedora 9. Last week it was Mandriva 2008. Next week who knows? Variety is the spice of life as they say. My fallback is Ubuntu 8.04 which just does everything well for me.

    I am looking forward to Intrepid Ibex (have the beta installed), PCLOS 2008 (soon, I hope), MEPIS 8 (in beta), OpenSUSE 11 but I have never had much luck with OpenSuse:(, Elive and GEUbuntu. I have the ISOs ready to go for the last two, but I have not installed them, only run the Live versions. I look forward to Fedora 10, but have not tried it yet and will try Mandriva Mini on my eeePC when it is out.

    So much fun! Why limit yourself?

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  12. mint says:

    Have you ever tried Linux Mint? It`s #3 on distrowatch and have been there for months. I at least is very exited about the upcoming release Mint 6.
    Check it out!!!! 🙂

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