Arch + Openbox screenshots: September

I’ve been playing around with Ubuntu, Mint, Mandriva 2008 Spring and the RC of Mandriva 2009, all of them with Gnome. There was something wrong with all of those, so I returned to Arch + Openbox yesterday. The last couple of months I used a blueish theme, but this month I’ll try a combination of black and orange.
First, a “clean” screenshot. Conky’s running at the top of the screen, displaying information about the kernel, CPU load, incoming and outgoing traffic, free space, used RAM, uptime, what Rhythmbox is playing, and if I have any mail on Gmail. At the bottom there’s a transparent panel called LXpanel. But you can’t see it, except for the systray and the clock. Since it’s, well, transparent 😉

Then, a “busy” screenshot with, clockwise, Rhythmbox (music manager), Thunar (file manager), Mirage (image viewer), Openbox menu and Sakura (terminal).

I think the background matches the theme well. It’s a fantastic image by David Lanham, whose work I’ve praised before.



10 Responses to Arch + Openbox screenshots: September

  1. Cae says:

    A openbox guide will be great 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    But is already available hyere:

    enjoy 😉

  3. […] + Trayer In my last screenshot-post I was still using LXpanel, which is part of LXDE (something I’ve been wanting to write a […]

  4. Manuel Galisteo says:

    This is great, I love your desktop. Very nice work, I think arch and openbox is really a very good combination.

  5. anonymous says:

    Sorry, can you help me with openbox menu? I saw openbox with title in menu (, but I don’t know how to set this: (my menu: I was search answer in the Openbox wiki, but it is too hard to me with my shit english…

  6. celettu says:

    Actually, I have no idea. With me, it’s like that by default.

  7. anonymous says:

    Thanks for your attention.
    It was by default in LXDE, so I found an answer in /usr/share/lxde/openbox/menu.xml. It is only separator with text label, so I add in my .config/openbox/menu.xml:

    and I got my caprice – (:

    WBR, bye

  8. anonymous says:

    Blog eat my XML…

    [menu id=”root-menu” label=”Openbox 3″]
    [separator label=”Openbox”/] [!– there you are! –]
    [<!– items here — ]

  9. SlugO says:

    I’ve been on Arch + GNOME for a while now but I’m thinking of moving to pure Arch + Openbox with a clean install.

    How do you think Rhythmbox works in Openbox? Not too many GNOME dependencies? I’m asking cos I’ve been trying to find some “light” alternative but nothing quite matches Rhythmbox which I really like. Exaile-bzr comes close but not quite.

    Nice theme btw!

  10. celettu says:


    It comes with some gnome dependencies of course, but in my view it’s worth it since nothing else comes close.
    Keep in mind that nowadays it also needs Brasero if you want to burn your playlists.

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