A lesson in humility

Yesterday I came back from work, put myself in front of the PC, and put on some music. I didn’t hear anything.
Tracking down the problem proved to be challenging. It wasn’t just a Rhythmbox problem, because Totem didn’t play anything either. Alsa was up and running. The volume wasn’t muted. I had played a music CD before, so I was thinking along the lines of a blocked audio output, but rebooting the PC didn’t do anything either. This was frustrating.

Then I noticed that my speakers weren’t switched on. Ghaa.

The sad thing is, this has happened to be before. I just don’t learn.



One Response to A lesson in humility

  1. LOL, thats a good one.

    A buddy of mine once told me he was going to fix someone’s computer, these people were a big camera outfit and the sound one this one computer wasn’t working. He reinstalled everything, didn’t work….untill he turned up the volume on the from of the speakers….LOL

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