KDE 4.1 doesn’t like me right now, but I’m stupid

Two days ago Brasero stopped working for me, and inthe process of fixing it I accidentally deleted my openbox .config files…while making a backup of them. Don’t ask.

So I thought that would be a good time to try out KDE 4.1 RC. I used a spankin brand new Arch install, and the packages provided by KDEMod. Things didn’t go well. I started KDE 5 times, and only twice things worked. The first and the fifth time locked up while loading the desktop. The third time the panel was all messed up. I also found things very slow, and opening the menus left artefacts everywhere.

THEN, I read about the issues this RC has with nvidia cards. D’oh. I guess I have to wait untile 4.1 final comes out.

I also had a chance to try out the KDEMod pacman front-end Shaman, used to install software. Because the .config map was owned by root, I don’t know why, it immediately threw an error. In Dutch. With a huge spelling error.

Which is a bit embarassing, because I’m the one who wrote that translation.



One Response to KDE 4.1 doesn’t like me right now, but I’m stupid

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