I’m always searching around for interesting Linux distributions, and tonight I tried to download the latest stable release of Elive.

I couldn’t.

The official download throws an error, and visiting the Elive page on Distrowatch doesn’t help either: the iso on Linuxquestions is outdated, and Madtux.org doesn’t have it anymore. At this moment, it seems like the only way to actually get Elive is a torrent on Isohunt (which has only 14 seeds at this moment).

I remember reading that Elive simply wasn’t available as a free download, but that can’t be right, can it? It’s not mentioned anywhere on the site, and there’s a download page, it just doesn’t work.

I’m sure this isn’t the way to promote a distribution…



8 Responses to Elive

  1. Hi San,

    Indeed, Elive’s stable releases requires a donation to be downloaded, it’s written on the download page for stable version: http://www.elivecd.org/Download/Stable (by the way, this page works for me). Only development releases are cost-free to download.

    But if, you’re still interested in trying out Elive 1.0 (latest stable version), I can give you an invitation code, which will allow you to download it for free when used on this page: http://www.elivecd.org/invitation/

    E-mail me if you want it 😉


  2. celettu says:

    Hi Ghost of Kendo,

    yes, the page works but the download link results in a 404 error. And this is going to make me sound stupid…but where exactly on the page is the donation fee mentioned?

    And I am interested, very much so. Your mail’s in the mail.


  3. chi says:

    yah, if i recall correctly, elive has a required donation if you want to download it from the site. its a pretty fun distro to play with, especially if you’ve used enlightenment before. if you can’t get the torrent, you can always just donate a dollar and download the iso from teh site.

  4. Abhilash simon says:


    I am Abhilash from india and please give me an invitation code to download elive 1.0

  5. Pramod says:

    I’ve tried the distro & liked it very much. I would like to get an invite, please to download a stable version.Thanks for the generosity.

  6. dreamlinux user says:

    hi could someone email me the invitation code? I want to make sure my wireless will setup on it first, ive tried the free version but you have to have a password and login to setup the wireless??? any help please

  7. i am anamika from india please give me an invitation code to download wordpressindia.com

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