Arch + Openbox screenshots: June

Another month, another series of screenshots. Actually, I stayed with the previous background/theme much longer than I expected (about two months), but once I changed the GTK-theme, there was no stopping me anymore. I changed the Openbox theme to match, and then the background. Of course, I also had to change the config of pypanel and conky…white text on a white background isn’t very readable. I kept the icon theme.

The background is from David Lanham’s site. I urge you to check it out…there’s some very original/beautiful work there.

Click the thumbnails for larger versions.



5 Responses to Arch + Openbox screenshots: June

  1. farghal says:

    I realize I might be lazy here, but can you please give me your conky config?

    Also, thank you very much for David Lanham’s website.. I will be getting a lot of my wallpapers from there in the future 🙂

  2. celettu says:


    I uploaded my conkyrc here.

    And I agree. David Lanham’s quite the artist.

  3. moron says:

    Could you share the wallpaper?

  4. moron says:

    nevermind.. rtfa 😀

  5. celettu says:



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